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Branding & Logo Design - Prestige Auto Valet

Branding & Logo Design - Prestige Auto Valet

Client: Prestige Auto Valet, Rotorua

Brief: To rebrand a family business to portray a bold, sleek and professional image to reflect the high quality of services.

Daniel and Sofia approached us to rebrand their family business, that was started by Daniel's Father, so they could continue his legacy with a fresh, new image.

Prestige Auto Valet is a family owned car valet business based in Rotorua. They provide the finest services for grooming and automotive detailing. At Prestige Auto Valet they take pride in their work and ensure every vehicle is looking its best.

We wanted to create a quality brand identity that would convey this to the consumer quickly and effectively.

Daniel and Sofia envisaged a stylised car icon in their logo, so we created one that looked fast, sleek and modern. We paired this with a font that conveys elegance and reliability, along with a slight retro feel, to show old-fashioned family values and attention to detail.

We introduced their tagline (A Showroom Shine, Every Time) by adding a curved line of text under the logo; adding a star instead of a comma, to indicate the quality and shine of their work.

Along with the primary logo variations (with and without the tagline) we also created a badge that could be used throughout marketing collateral as well as a brand icon for when a very small mark was needed.

We also designed the files for their building and directional signage to help people find the central-Rotorua business.


logo variations Prestige Auto Valet RotoruaRoad Sign- Prestige Auto Valet Rotorua

Roadside Flag - Prestige Auto Valet Rotorua

Directional signage Rotorua - Prestige Auto valet

Price sheet - Prestige Auto Valet Rotorua

Branding Rotorua - Prestige Auto valet

Prestige Auto Valet - Rotorua website design


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By Michelle Veysey
Posted: 4/27/2021 8:05:00 PM